Greater Manchester


Covid-19 and safe driving lessons.

Covid-19 safe driving lessons are continuing for Key workers and all other learners.
There will be a safety protocol in place for all lessons.these are :-
Lessons and courses to be 2-5 hours long with breaks depending on the length of course booked.
We will call or text to check if your OK and not displaying any symptoms.
If you know any one and have been in contact with any one displaying symptoms let us know.
Wash hands before and after wash lesson.
Wear gloves if required.
We will assess you before lesson and may do a temperature check.
We will offer hand sanitiser before lesson.
Masks can be worn by either Instructor or pupil.
Any visual aids will only be touched by the instructor.
Car will have been cleaned before lesson.
Windows open when possible.
Air condition if required..
No parents of friends to sit in the back.
Licence checked electronically beforehand.
Try to face forward and avoid facing the instructor.
Debrief short and additional notes sent via text/email.
Payment in advance where possible electronically.

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