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Intensive driving courses…good or bad?

Do I Driving Lessons Work?intensive

Intensive driving courses — a shortcut to success?
If you’re short of time or strapped for cash, you might be tempted to take intensive driving lessons instead of regular weekly sessions.

Intensive or ‘fast pass’ driving lessons might be the perfect solution if you need to pass by a certain date or simply don’t have a regular free slot in your schedule for weekly lessons.

Everyone learns at a different pace
But there are drawbacks. For many pupils, learning a little at a time on a regular basis is often the most effective way to perfect new skills.

The ‘little and often’ approach gives learners a chance to reflect on their experience from each lesson. They may even have the opportunity to practice privately in-between sessions.

As you might have realised from revising for your exams, it’s easier to hold your concentration when sessions are short and you are able to take regular breaks. For some pupils, taking regular weekly lessons might be their best option.

Fast track — some experience necessary
Intensive courses work best if the learner already has some basic driving skills (normally about 10 hours will do). With a little experience already under your belt already, you can hit the ground running.

Having a mastery of basic skills will allow you to focus for longer periods. Beginners normally spend their first few lessons getting to grips with balancing the clutch and changing gears. They have to concentrate intently on what their hands and feet are doing. This makes it difficult to focus on anything else.

But, by starting an intensive course with these skills already in the bag, you can quickly move on to learning to use the road safely.

Our approach to fast pass courses
Before you can take one of our intensive courses, we need you to:

Be able to demonstrate basic car control skills
Show us theory test pass certificate
If you feel the fast-track approach is right for you but don’t yet meet our criteria, don’t despair — we can help! You can take some weekly lessons with us whilst you prepare to pass your theory test. Then we can get you booked on one of our intensive driving courses.

We want you to succeed, so we won’t set you up for failure! Take a look at our reviews from all types of pupils and how many hours they took .

Semi-intensive driving lessons
Everybody learns differently. That’s why at Passmequick, we take pride in being able to tailor our tuition to meet your needs. You might find that semi-intensive driving lessons work better if you want to pass your driving test soon, but also want the benefit of having time to reflect or practice between lessons.

Usually, semi-intensive tuition will involve taking a two-hour lesson each day, or every other day.

Ready to hit the road?
So, if you’ve read this much about intensive driving courses chances are you’re raring to go! In this article, we’ve explained the pros and cons of intensive lessons and under what conditions we feel they are a good option for learner drivers. We’ve also discussed alternative approaches and when these might be a better fit for learners.

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